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A name that is strange to readers outside China has been listed on TIME100 Next 2021. His name is Li Jiaqi.

TIME introduced Li Jiaqi as follows:

Dubbed China’s Lipstick King, Li Jiaqi is a live streaming sales powerhouse who has melted hearts with his charismatic-and candid-beauty-product reviews.

In 2019…

Over the past decade, tens of thousands of Chinese businessmen have sold cheap clothes to consumers in Europe and the United States through Amazon and Aliexpress every day. But only SHEIN became the protagonist. It’s not just about price.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the global clothing industry…

In recent years, Chinese New Year has become familiar even to foreigners. Foreigners know that on this day, some Asian countries will eat dumplings, hang lanterns, paste window grilles, set off fireworks and so on.

Indeed, these still exist. But as a festival with a history of thousands of years…

Quick question: Which is the fourth largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world by shipments?

I rule out a few wrong answers for you: Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO.

The answer is Transsion.

You may never have heard of this brand, although it comes from China, yet most Chinese people…

There are urban legends all over the world, and this is no exception in China.

On Reddit, r/nosleep and r/creepypasta are the best places to find urban legends in the English-speaking world.

In the early forum of the Chinese Internet and now Baidu Tieba, there are also many people who…

Due to the influence of COVID-19, video websites around the world have gained more revenue.

In the United States, Youtube and Tiktok have become the main forms of entertainment to fill people’s blank time. As you all know, Tiktok itself comes from China, so it has a Chinese version of…

There are many kind of noodles and rice noodles in China.

In recent years, many Chinese-style convenience foods have also begun to become popular in the Chinese market, replacing shelves originally occupied by Japanese brands.

However, there has never been a hinese food that has grown as fast as Luosifen…

“Do you guys not have any phones?”

When Diablo’s game designers announced on BlizzCon that their next Diablo game was a mobile game in 2018, the embarrassment spread around the world with the live broadcast.

This is understandable to Chinese players. NetEase, a Chinese game company, has enjoyed working with…

You may have heard that China’s house prices are as legendary as China’s economy.

In the traditional sense, there are only four first-tier cities in China, namely Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. …

How long does it take for a company to have a market capitalization of $0 to $4 billion?

The answer given by Perfect Diary is three years, which is also how long it takes to go listing.

In its early stage, Perfect Diary was just a common beauty makeup brand…


Living and working in Beijing, storyteller.

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